Welcome to the online portfolio of Bryant Littrean, a creative art director with a passion for quality design and poetry.

At A Glance…

I’m a New York City based freelance art director and multidisciplinary designer with a focus in creative direction and graphic design. As a freelancer I help small organizations develop memorable brands by offering an array of services that span from design to web development. I currently hold the position of CCO at ilatii, LLC.

Aside from the graphic arts, I use poetry to channel creativity. Spoken word or performance poetry as many call it, allows me to further explore the depths of my imagination. To me, designing a picture with words can be just as aesthetically pleasing or abstract as any visual design.

Every form of art is an expression of the soul in one way or another; whether it is via graphical art or poetry, I have the burning desire to want to create. We all have this desire as children but those who don’t outgrow it are called artists. Find out more.


“Untainted, I quarantine between the lines of virtue and sanity. Where in my head there's a storm of thoughts, splurging across... I'm on an informational voyage occasionally stumbling onto the image of an oasis; I nourish to subsist and grow until I'm bestowed with a crown. I remain unconditioned in a world where the majority is the same. I'm a minority going against the mass as conflicting sides clash I sustain sanity. Pouring imagination on screen, design by means of poetry.”

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” - Leonardo da Vinci