Collaborations with Brands & Instagrammers

Content Creation

Blogs and Social Media

As the saying goes, “content is king,” and this couldn’t be more relevant than in the time we are living in now. Influencers are the pioneers of the modern digital age as their blogs and social media channels continue to grow. As a hybrid photographer and videographer, I work with these individuals to create content for the brands they partner with.



Instagram & Pinterest

Content may be king but it looks much better curated! With more and more information saturating the digital airways, curated content is helping to distinguish one identity from another. I’ve worked as a graphic designer before professionally picking up a camera so the idea of aesthetics is something I hold dear to my heart. It’s not about a singular visual piece of information, but more so its gestalt that renders a deeper connection with someone.

Whenever I shoot—especially for companies, or influencers—I think about how a photo or set of photos will assimilate into their feeds. Photos that live in a set should tell a cohesive story so your followers can understand your brand on a subconscious level. Only when attention is intentionally warranted should something stand out when developing an identity.